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About Fiebiger Thatching Agencies

A professional thatching service: We can handle any job but we are not too big to give you the personal service you expect... contact us to find out how we can improve your property, or to get answers to any thatching question you may have.

Dedicated team of experts:
We pride ourselves on our efficient and highly professional team. Our workforce consists of a large number of skilled thatchers who are supervised by a foreman at all times to ensure the best possible service and quality product for our clients.

Best quality materials:
All of our materials are of the finest quality - the fiberglass ridging is made in-house, and only the best Cape Reed is used for our projects, thus ensuring that our exceptional standards are maintained.

Advantages of Thatch

As local materials always tend to harmonize with the landscape surrounding their place of origin, thatch, as a natural material, will always blend well with a rural environment.

There is an ecological advantage to be gained by using thatch in that it is produced by natural processes that do not use scarce and expensive resources of energy.

A thatched roof will ensure that a building will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

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